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Unified Pieces

The Queen

The Queen

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The Queen is a painting by Ginny Thonson she is a painter born and raised in the rugged North Coast of California. A move to Mexico several years ago has expanded her visual palette in daring new ways. Her work is a throwback to the innocence and open-heartedness of folk art, and at the same time, a deep dive into a very sophisticated, contemporary aesthetic. Her subjects come from nature and womanly forms and portraiture–You don’t have to think about Ginny Thonson’s work, you simply experience it and all the layered meanings –– the earth mothers, hot mamas, snaky haired sorcerers, set against dreamlike landscapes, take you on a journey.


1000 pcs
  • Super fun 1000 pcs jigsaw puzzle for Adults
  • Irregular Cut
  • Minimal puzzle dust
  • Velvet Soft Touch
  • Linen/matte finish to reduce glare
  • Includes a Zipper bag to store the pieces
  • Includes large poster of the puzzle design
  • Completed puzzle size is 27” x 20” (70cm x 50cm)
Unified Pieces has curated a selection of high-quality, Frame-worthy jigsaw puzzles from artists and designers from all over the world. The size, pieces, and themes are carefully chosen to ensure an enjoyable puzzle-solving experience for beginners, as well as those who prefer to take their time. All puzzles are printed with a luxurious low gloss, soft touch matte finish that ensures ease of visibility and less strain on the eyes. Our thick (2.2mm), sturdy, ribbon-cut pieces deliver an excellent fit. Each of our jigsaw puzzles comes with a zipper bag to keep the pieces extra safe.

As a black-owned company, Unified Pieces is dedicated to providing a fresh, nontech, meditative experience with our puzzles. We collaborate with talented artists and designers from the Bay Area and all over the world to create high-quality, frame-worthy puzzles that offer a unique challenge and aesthetic appeal.


Velvet Soft Touch Linen/matte finish to reduce glare.

Includes a Zipper bag to store the pieces

Made with non-toxic materials, soy-based inks, and recyclable cardboard

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Completed puzzle size is 27” x 20” (70cm x 50cm)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Gabrielle Seagrave
The Queen rules

This is a beautiful and colorful piece of puzzle art. Looking forward to putting it together.

Lisa Schuler
The Queen

Beautiful puzzle art, beautiful packaging with pieces in a zipper velvet bag! Very impressed and planning to purchase more Unifies Pieces Puzzles in the future.

Joani M
Puzzle Royalty

The Queen is puzzle nirvana. Gorgeous coloring; clean pieces without sawdust; solid, interlocking fit with no false positives and a beautiful finish. The art work was the draw but the quality hooked this puzzler. Looking forward to more Unified Press jigsaws.

Great Quality, Amazing Art, Sweet Puzzle Bag, great box. What's not to love?

I am very happy with the quality and designs of the puzzles and I will definitely order another one or two. It is a bonus that the games are designed from Bay Area art!

Elizabeth Mackay
Quality Puzzle

We’re so happy to be working on our puzzle. It arrived in an impeccable manner, and is very high quality and beautifully presented. I’m particularly excited about the artwork, which was done by one of my former students. Her talent is exceptional. I’m wondering if you have considered an additional 500 piece puzzle, we’re a bit daunted by the amount of pieces, but are making progress:)