Our story

In the world of puzzles, the image reigns supreme. Sure, there are myriad factors that contribute to the selection of the perfect puzzle—like the craftsmanship of the pieces and their seamless fit—but we believe your focus should be on what truly captivates. This conviction led to the birth of Unified Pieces Puzzles. Our mission is to immerse you in the allure and intricacy of our images, allowing your mind to explore as your fingers navigate the puzzle.

Gamaliel MEEZY James, the visionary behind Unified Pieces, has always had a deep-seated love for puzzles. His enterprise was conceived with the intention of offering a broader spectrum of diverse and intriguing images for puzzle aficionados. "When you're in pursuit of a puzzle, you're seeking an experience that's both challenging and enjoyable. You crave something that will keep your mind stimulated and active. I typically indulge in puzzles every Christmas, but during my online search amidst the pandemic, I discovered some really innovative brands and images. However, I also noticed a glaring underrepresentation of black people in the urban diaspora. Most puzzles seemed to cater to stereotypical, girly, frilly themes, like the typical nostalgic art, fine art, and some abstracts. You might find one or two graffiti puzzles. It's a truly meditative, unifying experience to assemble a puzzle with friends and family. It's also a calming, focusing activity when done alone. It certainly aids in soothing your nerves and enhancing concentration." - Gamaliel

Our collection is a showcase of exquisite artwork by diverse artists from around the world, featuring images from renowned street artists like Illumineieres, as well as emerging talents such as Timothy B. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans, ensuring they not only look spectacular on your wall but also feel incredible to the touch.

If you're fortunate enough to secure one of our limited edition pieces (which sell out rapidly!), you'll undoubtedly become the talk of your neighborhood!