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Unified Pieces

Rise and Grind

Rise and Grind

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The Illuminaries are a collective of Artists and Muralists specializing in high impact, energizing art. They have established themselves as a household name with noteworthy murals laced throughout the Bay Area and beyond. Their passion is improving indoor and outdoor spaces. Since murals express a personal story in the territory in which it lives, the power to shape urban space is a responsibility they do not take lightly. Illuminaries continuously strive to produce imagery that will influence and inspire their community. Their ability to visually transform thoughts into reality has granted them successful projects with notable clients such as Under Armour, The Golden State Warriors, The Oakland A’s, Marriott Hotels, and the City of Oakland to name a few.

Check them out at @illuminaries 


  • Super fun 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle for Adults
  • Irregular/Random cut pieces 
  • Minimal puzzle dust
  • Velvet Soft Touch Linen/matte finish to reduce glare
  • Includes a Zipper bag to store the pieces
  • Includes large poster and a stand of the puzzle design
  • Completed puzzle size is 27” x 20” (686cm x 508cm)
  • Made with non-toxic materials, soy-based inks, and recyclable cardboard

Unified Pieces has curated a selection of high-quality, Frame-worthy jigsaw puzzles from artists and designers from all over the world. The size, pieces, and themes are carefully chosen to ensure an enjoyable puzzle-solving experience for beginners, as well as those who prefer to take their time. All puzzles are printed with a luxurious low gloss, soft touch matte finish that ensures ease of visibility and less strain on the eyes. Our thick (2.2mm), sturdy, ribbon-cut pieces deliver an excellent fit. Each of our jigsaw puzzles comes with a zipper bag to keep the pieces extra safe.


Velvet Soft TOuch Linen/matte finish to reduce glare.

Includes a Zipper bag to store the pieces

Made with non-toxic materials, soy-based inks, and recyclable cardboard

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