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Dilla was painted by Ratha Nou, also known as Ra, a first-generation Cambodian American artist born & raised in the Bay Area. He’s the founder and creative director of Stablished Projects, an Oakland-based creative studio, with core skills in traditional illustration, design, motion graphics, 3d animation, and visual effects, for the tech and entertainment industries. As an artist who has experienced being a minority in the corporate creative world, Ratha recognized his abilities was meant to transcend beyond the system, to become an independent artist, and to tell the stories of his community, the underprivileged & people of color.


1000 pcs
  • Super fun 1000 pcs jigsaw puzzle for Adults
  • Irregular Cut
  • Minimal puzzle dust
  • Velvet Soft Touch
  • Linen/matte finish to reduce glare
  • Includes a Zipper bag to store the pieces
  • Includes large poster of the puzzle design
  • Completed puzzle size is 27” x 20” (70cm x 50cm)
Unified Pieces has curated a selection of high-quality, Frame-worthy jigsaw puzzles from artists and designers from all over the world. The size, pieces, and themes are carefully chosen to ensure an enjoyable puzzle-solving experience for beginners, as well as those who prefer to take their time. All puzzles are printed with a luxurious low gloss, soft touch matte finish that ensures ease of visibility and less strain on the eyes. Our thick (2.2mm), sturdy, ribbon-cut pieces deliver an excellent fit. Each of our jigsaw puzzles comes with a zipper bag to keep the pieces extra safe.

As a black-owned company, Unified Pieces is dedicated to providing a fresh, nontech, meditative experience with our puzzles. We collaborate with talented artists and designers from the Bay Area and all over the world to create high-quality, frame-worthy puzzles that offer a unique challenge and aesthetic appeal.


Velvet Soft Touch Linen/matte finish to reduce glare.

Includes a Zipper bag to store the pieces

Made with non-toxic materials, soy-based inks, and recyclable cardboard

Shipping & Returns


Completed puzzle size is 27” x 20” (70cm x 50cm)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Chris P.
Loving these puzzles!

Huge shoutout to GMA (aka ijustlovepuzzles on Twitch) for letting me know about Unified Pieces. The quality and vibrant colors of the puzzles, combined with the wide selection of pieces from dope artists, are truly incredible. I'm so happy to support a company that values diversity and representation. For the culture! ✊🏾


Great company

Better than imagined

I love Unified Pieces in general because the quality is absolutely top notch from shipping to packaging to the actual puzzle pieces. J-Dilla is my new overall favorite puzzle to have put together. There are so many subtle details in the background that I never felt stuck, and really enjoyed studying each piece to figure out where it belonged. The random cut seemed to flow
perfectly with the image. This one is frame worthy and has been claimed by my son for his apartment.