The Illuminaries - Town Biz , Rise and Grind


The Illuminaries are a collective of Artists and Muralists specializing in high impact, energizing art. Their passion is improving indoor and outdoor spaces to enhance the community. A mural expresses a personal story of the territory in which it lives, and the Illuminaries are privileged to be in a position to create areas that are more inviting, safe, and inspiring.  The power to shape urban space is a responsibility they do not take lightly. They will continuously strive to  produce imagery that will influence and motivate all generations.

The Illuminaries have established themselves as a household name with noteworthy murals laced throughout the Bay Area and beyond. Rooted in the collaborative use of traditional and digital art their artistry has proven time and time again to be unique, effective, and in high demand. Their ability to visually transform thoughts into reality has granted them successful projects with notable clients such as Under Armour, Golden State Warriors, Oakland A’s, Marriott Hotels, and the City of Oakland to name a few.