Gamaliel - Color bliss. BGM 1, 4 , Da boom


Gamaliel has always been into puzzles.  He likes challenging puzzles too. As a kid, he can remember drawing mazes by hand on really big graph paper and being able to draw these big, huge mazes using graph paper. He also sought out to be able to see them out through. Gamaliel is a Graphic Designer with over 20 years experience. He owned and operated a Design & Web Development company called MEezyart where they worked on Digital Design and Web Development. They worked with big name brands such as Monterey Bay Aquarium, City of San Jose , Apple, Cisco, to mention a few.

"The reason I started Unified Pieces is because of the puzzle hobby that I have got into lately and it sparked up during the pandemic. Usually I do puzzles every year around Christmas time, but during these past couple years there have been so many different brands to choose from, and with these new images under their belt, I knew this was something worth investing in.


But then, like, when I was searching, I also noticed there was a lack of representation for black people in the urban diaspora. A lot of the puzzles were geared towards  girly, frilly, stereotypical, really, like the typical puzzle images, the nostalgia art, the fine art, some abstracts. You maybe have like, one or two graffiti puzzles. And definitely not. There's about ten black owned puzzle companies out there, so nine, if you include me, it'll be ten." - Gamaliel